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James Hartigan: With a first prize of over 2 million dollars, the 2010 PCA saw 2 young guns go heads-up. Ty Reiman had held the lead for most of the final table, but Harrison Gimbel had just wrestled it back from him. Lon: Reiman with 8-7 off and he’s going to raise it to 520,000. Norman: Annette Obrestadt was 1 day short of her 19th birthday when she won the World Series Main Event and $2 million in 2007. Harrison Gimbel now in position aged 19 to win 2.2 million dollars here. Lon: Gimbel with ace-4 makes the call for 280,000 more, the flop is 5-6-4.

Reiman flops the nuts straight! Gimbel got a piece of it with bottom pair. Norman: And Gimbel could get in trouble with bottom pair and top kicker. Lon: He checks this pair of 4s. Reiman now after that miracle flop, bets 630,000! Norman: No slow play from Reiman, he’ll make Gimbel pay if Harrison has got a flush draw or a pair.

Lon: And Harrison has the smallest pair and he makes the call. Norman: Look at the percentages. If Gimbel could see them he wouldn’t be calling.

Lon: Expert analysis as usual! Turn card 10 of clubs, Reiman’s straight cannot be bested. Norman: That’s a useless card for Gimbel, a safe card for Reiman.

Lon: Gimbel checks again. Norman: Reiman could check here and see if Gimbel takes a stab on the pot on the river. Lon: But Reiman has chips in hand again.

This time it’s a 1,800,000. Norman: Gimbel drawing dead, but of course in heads-up he certainly might believe his pair of 4s are good. Lon: Wow he is going to make that call!

Norman: You know Lon, if I played poker for a living, I wouldn’t be living too long. Lon: You would not be indeed, neither of us! Oh right now the river card, a 7 of hearts; that puts a 3rd heart on the board.

Norman: That could be a scare card for Reiman if he put Gimbel on a heart draw. Lon: Gimbel checks it again! Norman: Gimbel has checked called on every street.

Lon: Now can Reiman squeeze more from the pair of 4s? He’s going to try — 4.2 million! Norman: He bets two thirds of the pot. If Reiman can get a call from Gimbel here he would recapture the chip lead. Lon: Wow! Who saw that coming?

All in from Gimbel! And this would put Reiman all in. Norman: Well Reiman attacked properly every step of the way and now he is on the defensive. If he calls and he were beat here, it would be over. Lon: Everyone in the room is stunned.

Norman: Reiman is asking himself: does Gimbel have the flush? It’s an agonising decision. If Reiman makes the call he’d have more than 3-1 chip lead.

This is your Main Event right here. Lon: Reiman folds face up! My goodness! Norman: Gimbel outplays Reiman after those critical moment of this heads up, what a play!

Lon: Reiman gave Gimbel credit for too big a hand and he is now left with only 25% of the chips in play. Gimbel must feel like a cat burglar! [Player talk] Norman: By no means is Ty an idiot, he just got outplayed there by a gutsy, brilliant manoeuvre. James: If you think that bluff is worthy of winning any poker competition, vote now then tell your friends about it.